2018 –  2021     Plasticity of the minimal self in healthy aging – how virtual and real-life changes in sensorimotor experiences shape perception of body ownership, agency, and location. Funded by DFG Priority Program “The Active Self” (GO 802/11-1): 200.000 EUR


2018 –  2021     Effekte von Alter und Expertise auf die taktile Wahrnehmung: Untersuchung zugrunde liegender neuronaler Mechanismen mittels transkranieller Gleichstromstimulation. (Effects of age and expertise on tactile perception: investigation of underlying neural mechanisms using transcranial direct current stimulation). Funded by DFG (GO 802/12-1): 223.000 EUR


2014 – 2018      Re-LOAD: Motor skill Learning in Older ADults: neurocognitive correlates, individual differences, and interventions to enable healthy aging (Tri-national consortium in the framework of the ORA PLUS initiative with partners from University of Maastricht, University of Wisconsin and Saarland University). Jacobs University part funded by DFG (co-PIs: C. Voelcker-Rehage & B. Godde): 243.188 EUR


2013  – 2014     Occupational expertise, tactile learning, and somatosensory cortical platicity in middle-aged adults. Funded by DFG: 52.000 EUR


2009 – 2013    Mobilität und Entwicklung (Mobility and Developmental Success) (Co-PIs: B. Godde, K. Schoemann, U. M. Staudinger). Funded by Volkswagen-Stiftung (Priority Program “Perspectives of Aging”): 500.000 EUR


2010 – 2012    Die Bedeutung der Handgeschicklichkeit für die Beschäftigungsfähigkeit älterer Mitarbeiter (co-PIs: C. Voelcker-Rehage & B. Godde). Funded by DFG (Priority Program “Age-Differentiated Work Systems  – Altersdifferenzierte Arbeitssysteme“: 120.000 EUR


2011                   JCLL-Conference “Personalized Aging” (co-PIs: B. Godde, K. Schömann and U. Staudinger). Funded by Volkswagen-Foundation: 28.000 EUR


2010 – 2011    Evaluation of a cognitive training intervention (co-PIs: B. Godde & C. Voelcker-Rehage). Funded by Brandenburg Ministry of Work, Social Issues, Women, and Family: 70.000 EUR


2010 – 2011    Research Center “AgeAct” (Co-PIs: B. Godde & U. M. Staudinger). Startup funding by Jacobs University: 138.000 EUR


2007 – 2010    DemoPass (coPIs: 6 JCLL-Faculty). Funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research: 840.000 EUR


2007 – 2009    Bewegtes Alter (co-PIs: C. Voelcker-Rehage, B. Godde, U. M. Staudinger). Funded by Bosch/DAK: 120.000 EUR